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Q.What do i use to record my videos?

A. Camtasia studio 5 and fraps when am recording a game

Q. What do use for your designs?

A. i use Photoshop cs4 Extended cs4 and Fireworks cs4

Q. Am i looking for a partner?

A. i got 1 but if you want to be my partner just ask

Q. What is my camtasia batch production settings? 

A. Compresser type: H.264 Frame rate: 50 Key frames: automatic Compresser: Best Encoding: best quality {multi pass} Sound settings: Compressor: Mpeg-4a rate: 48.000kHz size: 16 bit use: Stereo  Video size: Custom size: 1280 x 720.


Q. How did i make my website?

A. I made my website with


Q. What teams am i in?

A. i am in a team called System error with hell858 and epitat from youtube and i think i am gonna be in a design team with computerhacker16 and leadersofwar from youtube.
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